Introducing the project

Jodie - bedroom
Jodie – bedroom

This two year project explored the links between the senses and belonging with young people who are looked after across Scotland. We worked with 22 young people (13 young men and 9 young women aged 10-23) from across mainland (14) and island (8) Scotland. In total, 22 young people took part in the initial activity/interview, 14 in the second, and six were involved in creating films and music to disseminate project themes. We also remain in close contact with several of the participants. Each young person had different supervision and residential requirements and 25% of the participants moved between one type of living arrangement and another over the two years [see Box A below]. These transitions, in addition to exams and geography, affected participation in the second and third activities/ interviews. All of the names used in this document are pseudonyms suggested by the participants, all of whom have given permission for their comments, photos and drawings to be used.

Participants’ places of residence during the project cycle

Box A – Participants’ places of residence during the project cycle – PDF