Other materials produced by participants

All of the young people involved were offered three activities to be involved with.

Activity/Interview 1:

Take photographs of:

  • Your 2 favourite places (any space inside or outside, from different angles)
  • Your 2 least favourite places (any space inside or outside, from different angles)
  • The door/ entrance to your favourite and least favourite spaces.
  • 1 room which is used by you and by others where you live
  • 3 objects or things that are most important to you

Make 1-3 minute sound recordings of:

  • 3 sounds that are positive or make you feel good inside. Include at least one music track that makes you feel good or that you play the most
  • 2 other sounds which are important to you or which you want to tell us about

Activity/Interview 2:

My dream home or room

  • Tell us what your dream home would look like. If you want you can make something in advance or, if you prefer you can do it with us.
  • Music with a Message
    • Choose 2 pieces of music with words which are important to you or with lyrics that you would like someone else to hear.
  • The Place I Live
    • Make a map of the place you live or spend most of your time. Add stickers showing where you like, don’t like and the spaces you use and don’t use

Activity 3:

All the participants who had taken part in activities 1 and 2 were invited to take part in film making, song writing or art workshop days to communicate their experiences of being in, transitioning through and leaving care. The young people were supported through these days by the research team, three of the participants key workers and SWAMP media in Glasgow.