The research team thank Support in Mind Scotland (SIMS) and the Forensic Network for commissioning us to undertake this study and to the Working Group for their support and guidance throughout.

We are grateful to everyone who participated in the study, especially to the family members and friends who shared their experiences of carer support with us via questionnaire or interview, and to many forensic mental health services staff across Scotland who completed questionnaires and helped distribute information to forensic carers.

Numerous to mention are the individuals, organisations and forensic mental health services that helped distribute information about the study to carers, but we owe special thanks to Barbara Wyness (SIMS), Ivan Carnegie (Tayside Forensic Voices), Sheena Hamilton (Lanarkshire Links), Leanne Gillick (State Hospital), Susie Redmond (Highland Forensic Health Service), Rhona Maxwell (Carers Advocacy, Perth & Kinross), and Jackie McDonnell (Crichton Hall, Dumfries).

Working Group

  • Frances Simpson, CEO, Support in Mind Scotland
  • Carolyn Little, Carer Representative
  • Alison McCallum, Vice Chair, Carer Representative
  • Magnus McDonald, Carer Representative
  • Liz McDonald, Carer Representative
  • Viv Gration, Forensic Network Manager
  • Jamie Pitcairn, Research Manager, State Hospital

Transcription services were provided by Ann Rennie (Edinburgh), and Adam Rosengard (Glasgow).

Proofreading by Mark Holland, Lancashire.