Insights and storyboards

IRISS Insights are brief, accessible and practice-oriented summaries of published evidence on a wide range of topics from measuring personal outcomes, to attachment-informed practice with looked after children and supporting people with dementia . Well received by practitioners, these are fairly typical of evidence reviews produced for practitioner or policy audiences.  However, IRISS is committed to trying out innovative approaches to more effectively communicate evidence, for example through the production of creative storyboards.

List of titles in the Insights series.

Creative storyboards are video animations that harness the power of graphic media to explain and simplify complex concepts. They combine an audio backtrack with the drawing of accompanying images. To date when producing storyboards, IRISS staff have written and recorded the script, and an external contractor has produced complementary drawings. This process has proved cost-effective, the cost for a storyboard approximating the publishing and printing costs associated with 1500 hardcopies of an IRISS insight. Feedback indicates that this method has been welcomed as a useful, creative way of making complex information understandable.

More recent examples include an animated introduction to Personal Learning Networks and What person centred means in practice.