What would you do differently?

  • Can’t think of anything
  • Nothing
  • Not a thing
  • Not much – food was great, too
  • Nothing – good balance
  • Try to get a wider range of people, eg with experience of home from an institutional or more negative perspective
  • More public representation beyond organisations – diverse population (ethnicity, disability, homeless)
  • Carousel was difficult for some to engage with
  • Carousel questions needed to be less abstract
  • The carousel session could have done with less general question
  • I would have enjoyed a talk/video case study to give more framework to the discussions
  • Maybe set the context a bit more at the start and explain explicitly why we are doing what we are doing
  • Some more variation would have been good – maybe some case studies/ stories as an introduction
  • Be good prior to event to have some briefing about what known about home and wellbeing
  • Accessibility of group activity (very much based on vision)
  • Broaden the concept to include all senses
  • Group discussion – a postcard home
  • Maybe set aside time to [group?] ideas emerging from individual groups
  • Have it in a building whose window open

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