About Home not Housing

 What’s it all about?

Home not Housing is one of five Scottish Universities Insight Institute programmes on Wellbeing.

A set of Ideas Workshops will explore the concept of ‘home’ from the perspectives of various academic disciplines – housing, planning, social work, healthcare – in order to develop a common vocabulary that will better inform policies relating to house-building, home-working, home-care and general place liveability.

Why are we doing this?

Each discipline has its own perspective, values, cultures, behaviours and mind-sets on home, which inhibits collective action to promote wellbeing.

How are we doing it?

Participants in multi-professional and inter-disciplinary workshops will explore, elaborate and synthesise their  varied understandings of home from an individual, environmental and community perspective,  focusing on:

  1. personal determinants of wellbeing
  2. environmental determinants of wellbeing

These are then interwoven to tease out:

  1. the relationships of both personal and environmental factors in constructions of home through better appreciating individual perceptions of belonging, identity and personal autonomy
  2. alternative housing solutions which could improve individual flourishing and associated socio-economic wellbeing
  3. priorities for action to promote and embed these outcomes through public policy, private developer practice, third sector action and academic research.

Core to this approach is the co-production of knowledge about the role of home in enhancing individual and community wellbeing.

More details on all five Wellbeing programmes:

  1. Flourish: Personhood and Collective Wellbeing
  2. Good Lives and Decent Societies: Promoting Wellbeing in Scotland and Beyond
  3. Home not Housing: Engaging with Wellbeing Outcomes
  4. The Path to Wellbeing: Gathering together Publics, Practitioners, Policies and Perspectives
  5. Walking for Wellbeing: Developing Sustainable Engagement between Research, Policy and Practice